“Sadly I don't know about allergy testing but I went to see Brianan Dolan at The Hale Clinic in London who I'd really recommend! X”

Deliciousy Ella

"I came to Brianan in despair when all other options had run out. Brianan worked with me to understand my full history and to get to the route of the problem. She slowly worked through various tests and gradual food and lifestyle changes that 3 years on I still follow. Those changes saw my symptoms subside and all inflammation and joint pain disappear. It didn't happen overnight but I had complete faith in Brianan and she was a huge support throughout. Brianan's expertise and guidance transformed my life so I am now symptom free with an awareness of what my body needs to keep on track. I cannot imagine where I would be if I had not found her and would highly recommend  her”

Sarah C

“After years of battling chronic pain, traveling the world for answers and suffering in silence, Brianan's guidance, support and commitment undoubtedly saved me and led me to the road of recovery. Today I can finally enjoy my young children without being overcome with crippling pain”. 

Bakoo (Dubai)

“Brianan’s assessment and analysis of my personal case history in its entirety is fascinating and highly educative. She then applies her extensive knowledge, skill set and medical expertise most accurately. Instructions are simple, clear, easy and tailored to the individual. This combination of her holistic and ethical approach to therapy makes her stand out.

I have been freed from severe depression, anxiety, burn-out and most importantly anti-depressants. Alongside this, a variety of minor ailments were eradicated too. All I had to do was commit to the instructions. It was a life changing experience.”